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The constructional development of the area provides for a modular and flexible structuring of its utilization and will meet the future requirements and trends of industrial manufacturing 4.0 through to 5.0. At central points, spacious neighborhood squares surrounded by multi-story buildings with office and administrative workplaces are planned.

Production and storage areas are planned primarily on the ground floors. This will create a close connection between “production and workplaces”.


The conceptual focus is on the development of a sustainable infrastructure that meets the economic, ecological, and social-cultural requirements that the participating companies place on a future location.

Infrastructure facilities such as workshops, laboratories, charging stations for e-mobility, event and conference rooms are to be planned and created across the board. The digital infrastructure, which not only meets today’s requirements but also those of the future, is of central importance.


RTunlimited is to be created in the form of an open urban quarter with campus character based on the principles of “open innovation” and “sharing economy” as well as having spaces for events and meetings, jointly used infrastructures and an open area design. The core component is a central infrastructure and innovation building, which, in addition to a daycare center, cafeteria and meeting rooms, will primarily house MakerSpaces, FabLabs, coworking spaces and digital hubs.


Attractive neighborhood open spaces, low traffic congestion, flexible parceling
Small temporary uses (e.g. with containers) possible
Holistic mobility concept for heavy goods and distribution traffic
High focus on environmental aspects through green roofs and retention areas
Regenerative energy concept






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